Top Film Picks

As a recent graduate (read: unemployed person) I spend a lot of my free time trawling through IMDb looking for decent films to watch. I’ve started getting into watching films about people who are also in awkward in-between stages of their lives, because clearly my own life is so thrilling that I need to see it replicated in a cinematic form. Whilst browsing, I happened to stumble across these two beauties which are absolute must sees!

1. Frances Ha- An absolutely wonderful film which delicately explores the expectations we impose upon ourselves and one another. The title character is an endearingly awkward yet charming 20 something who navigates her way through multiple NY apartments as she tries to keep her dreams of becoming a dancer afloat. Shot entirely in black and white, this incredibly hipster films makes me want to get the Eurostar to Paris, take up smoking and spend my days being young and whimsical in coffee shops. It’s an absolute delight of a film, watch it!

2. Tiny Furniture- It’s Lena Dunham’s breakout flick (I have a major mind crush on Lena Dunham, deal with it). Tiny Furniture is a gorgeous film full of Dunham’s token hilarity, anxiety and honesty all wrapped up in a literary bow. The cast create a wondrous picture of life in artful NY, with Dunham’s actual mother and sister portraying Aura’s family. This beautiful film viciously tackles the boredom, inadequacies and randomness of post-college life. Oh, and Jemima Kirke is in it and that’s always a good thing.   

If you haven’t already, check out these films- I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Also, I’d like to point out that although these films deal with young women facing similar post-university existentialist crises as me, I am not fortunate enough to reside in NY. I live in a crappy town in England. Represent.